Siren : 451 025 092


After a degree in IT and one year abroad, I worked over 8 years for Capgemini (International IT company).



I have specialised in IT: Break down diagnosis, Equipment installing, viruses removing, computer clearing, re installation of your computer.


I can offer you to intercede on site at your home or to pick up your PC to work from home. Working as an independent, I can work after office hours in the evening or at weekends and the prices do not change.


Living in Aime, I can operate from Albertville to Val d’isere. However, for any intervention on a ski resort or outside the cities of Moutiers and Bourg saint-Maurice, Mileage expenses might be charged.

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Computer failure ?

Tel : +33(0)6 98 06 52 05

I can offer different prices depending on your needs:


  • Diagnosis: 20(free if followed by an intervention)
  • installing / Re installing: 100€
    You have to own the original installing CD or at a minimum the activation key of your operating system.
  • Installing: 70€
  • Training computer handling start up 2 hours: 100€
  • Installing/reconfiguring software output device: 50€
  • laptop scree replacement: 80€
  • Viruses: 70€
  • Clearing/ optimisation of you PC: 60€
  • Data recovery: 90€
    The success of this operation cannot be guaranteed as some or all of the hard drive could be damaged and some data can be damaged and as a result not readable.
    Nevertheless, I always try different techniques and will do my very best to recover the maximum data.


  • For any other queries, please feel free to contact me to get a quote.